McBee Chapel Cemetery Records,rural Carroll County,Braymer,Missouri
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection into eternal life . . . .
  ~ ~ Book of Common Prayer "The Burial of the Dead" (1662)

As our ancestors in rural Missouri built their community a cemetery was needed and some time in the late 1800's the families in the area of what is now called McBee Chapel Community in rural Braymer Missouri started a cemetery.The McBee Chapel was built there also in 1878. Through the help of Chet McBee,who is currently maintaining the cemetery,I have posted the cemetery records online. For those who would like to make a donation to the Cemetery fund send it to Chester McBee, PO Box 344,Braymer,Mo 64624.  I have received the following plot records and hope eventually to post the birth/death dates of everyone we can plus obits. If you have this please email it to me and I'll add them.  Dean Hughson,
The cemetery is set out where the Plots start at the NE side as follows:
             (McBee Chapel is located here)

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19
28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36                  
45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37
46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54
63 62 61 60 59 58 57 56 55
Lot# 1 owned by Charles D. McBee
Ferrel L. McBee
Charles D. McBee

Lot# 2 owned by Charles Jones

Lot#3 owned by Ed E. McBee
Edward E. McBee
Maude M. McBee

Lot#4 owned by Jas. Wm. McBee
Anna M. Jacobs
Elizabeth J. McBee February 6, 1858 - September 21,1915
Jas. Wm. McBee     December 21,1847 - October 14,1933

Lot#5 owned by Levi McBee
John Nelson McBee
Mary Y. McBee
Levi McBee
Carrie Lee McBee
John N. McBee
John Jay McBee

Lot#6 owned by Jimmy Murphy
Velma R. Murphy
James A. Murphy
Donald L. Murphy (son)
Kenneth Wayne Gorham
Patricia L. Murphy

Lot#7 owned by Joe McBee
Joseph I. McBee
Isaac Spitzer
Nellie M. McBee
Lee R. McBee
Mary Mason Spitzer
John F. Mason
Lula M. McBee
Moses D. McBee

Lot#8 owned by Russel McBee
Russel D. McBee
Lucille Kavanaugh
infant son
      Patricia McBee Westover

Lot#9 owned by David Mason

Lot#10 owned by Calvin McBee
Ella Mae McBee
Calvin Levi McBee

Lot#11 owned by Dell Anderson
Clara D. Anderson
Delbert G. Anderson

Lot#12 owned  by S.W. McBee
Mary E. McBee
Geo. W. McBee

Lot#13 owned by J.L. Shrum
Infant Son
Infant Son
Calvi D. Shrum (son)
Ellie M. Shrum
John L. Shrum

Lot#14 owned by Elizabeth McBee
Lillian Elizabeth McBee

Lot#15 owned by Elmer McBee
Elmer Mcbee

Lot#16 owned by J.G. Morris/Frank
Ora Morris and infant

Lot#17 owned by Meffert L. McBee
Merl J. McBee
Stella T. McBee
Meffert L. McBee

Lot#18 owned by Kenneth McBee
      Faye McBee
      Kenneth McBee

Lot#19 owned by James Venneman

Lot#20 owned by Lawrence Eichler
Helen Fae Eichler

Lot#21 owned by Mrs. A.F. Jenning
Alzura F. Jenning
Orville B. Jenning

Lot#22 owned by Ben H. Williams
Lois Glena Williams

Lot#23 owned by James H. McBee
James H. McBee

Lot#24 owned by Fred Mohn
Alice Mohn
Fred Mohn
Infant (JW)
Infant (AL)
Mary Emma Mohn
Vivian Mohn

Lot#25 owned by Jeff Tye
Geo. Jefferson Tye
Easter Jane Tye
Jefferson W. Tye

Lot#26 owned by Tom Smith
Chrystal F. Smith
James T. Smith

Lot#27 owned by Pryor
Attie Pryor

Lot#28 owned by Joy Johnson
E. Laverne Johnson
Paul L. Johnson
Ello D. Johnson
Joy Johnson

Lot#29 owned by H.S. Johnson
Alice B. Johnson
H.S. Johnson

Lot #30 owned by L.O. Mott Jr.
Pearl E. Mott
Loammi O. Mott
Gladdys N. Mott
Wayne B. Mott

Lot#31 owned by Fred Leaky
Infant son
Pearl Laky
Fred Leaky
Mary A. Leaky
George M. Detilla
Charles M. Detilla
Lorraine Leaky
James L. Leaky

Lot#32 owned by John McBee
Elizabeth McBee
John McBee
John Riley McBee

Lot#33 owned by Wm. Welker
Tillie Welker
Glenn Welker
Mary R. Welker
William Welker

Lot#34 owned  by Wm. McBee
Riley Levi McBee
Mary Ann McBee
Lydia W. McBee
Wm. McBee

Lot#35 owned by Ethel S. Irons
Ethel Irons
Vera I. Shrum
Charles F. Shrum

Lot#36  (open)

Lot#37 owned by Ben and Lisa Breeden

Lot#38 owned by Chas W. McBee
Iva May McBee
Charles W. McBee
Faye G. McBee
Earnst McBee
Zelma A. Smith
Russell C. McBee

Lot#39 owned by J. Holder
Homer Weddle

Lot#40 owned by H.S. Johnson

Lot#41 owned by Epp McBee
Emma I. McBee
Eppa H. McBee
Ralph O. McBee
John Pharis McBee

Lot#42 owned by Jerry Leaky
Edna E. Leaky (Dau. of J. Leaky)

Lot#43 owned by L.O. Mott Sr.
Cecelia Mott

Lot#44 owned by John Cashatt
John Cashatt
Ettie L. Cashatt
Florence Hawkins
Reuben Hawkins

Lot#45 owned by Wayne Johnson
Carol L. Bush
Joy A. Lyons
Wayne Johnson

Lot#46 owned by John Baker-Jim Baker
Jim Baker

Lot#47 owned by M.J. Toomay
Karl Toomay
Mary Donna Toomay
Mike J. Toomay

Lot#48 owned by B. Sharpe
Euna H. Cowell McBee
Gene Cowell McBee
Kenneth Steven Sharp

Lot#49 owned by John Eichler
F.A. Eichler (son)
Norene N. Eichler
John J. Eichler
Gary Wayne Eichler
Frank T. Stockton
Adam Michael Eichler

Lot#50 owned by Claude McBee
Bertha McBee
Claude McBee
Geneva F. Minnis
Joel P. Jones

Lot#51 owned by Randy McBee
Tony Randall
Wilma Fay Skinner
Hazel M. McBee
Luther F. McBee

Lot#52 owned by Virgil Vanderpool
Virgil Vanderpool

Lot#53 owned by Howard Smith
Donald R. Smith
Vincent P. Vankleek
Lucille F. Smith

Lot#54 owned by Candice Klampit

Lot#55 owned by Pamela Baker

Lot#56 owned by Marion McBee
Infant ,Jamie Lee Baska
Marion McBee

Lot#57 owned by Jack McBee
Lloyd D. (Jack) McBee

Lot#58 owned by Ira McBee
Lavenia B. Padgett
Beatrice O. McBee
Ira F. McBee
Ola M. Mallory
Fesie G. Mallory

Lot#59 owned by Joel McBee,Gene McBee and Virgil and Teena Britt
Joel McBee
Gene McBee

Lot#60 owned by R. Lee Anderson
R. Lee Anderson
Ada Anderson
Virgil Anderson

Lot#61 owned by Heck

Lot#62 owned by Phyllis Aley (west 1/2)

Lot#63 (Open)

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